Monday, April 20, 2009

1st Blog


sekian lama saia menulis cerita harian di buku bersampulkan cartoon yang katanya sii lucu,dengan kertas2nya yang warna warni,,finally saia mencoba 'a new thing called Blog'...

are you sure,Blog is the new thing for you???

(sekumpulan oknum High Tech mungkin bakal bilang : "OMG..where have you've been, Darling!")

belum lagi menjawab pertanyaan yang saia kira tak perlu dijawab tersebut...

("is Diary still exist??it's so last year!!")

hhhh...ya ya ya...saia sii stay cool aja mereka mau bilang apa...
kayak slogan salah satu station Radio asal Bandung, hmm sebut saja, 99ers FM :

keep funky, be your self, no matter what they say!

(kok mirip yel-yel peserta Kuis 'Siapa Berani?' yaa??)


  1. Hi,

    This was my first time to write a blog..
    And this blog grows from my daily life, let's say: everything I like, everything I did, and everything happen around me. I like writing diary since I was a kid in an elementary school. I usually wrote my daily life in a diary journal, and after I knew a technology called internet, I continued my hobby with Blogspot..

    I love fashion since I was a Highschool Student. I started to care about my daily look when I felt in love with a boy. Such a kid! haha
    But now, I do really care about my look not only for 'that' reason, but also hey, I grow as a woman! It is a must thing to care about, because I thing A style will represent every person's personality.. including me :)

    So, keep blogging and keep awesome, everyone! ^_____^



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