Thursday, February 20, 2014

Trans Studio Bandung

Few weeks ago I spent my 2 days off in Bandung. Bandung (as always) is my alltime fave  city, not only because I used to studied there, but also the atmosphere is much better than Jakarta. Indeed because of my Bf is livin in Bandung also,hehe. Day 1 I decided to go to Trans Studio Bandung with my Bf and my Lil Sissy. It's been a long time I knew Bandung as well, but I've never been there. lol. This time, curiousity is all over my head about Trans Studio. First destination is Plate for me Cafe. Of course you better lunch before play time. :p

My first impression of this place is cute and photogenic! lol! It's located at Trans Studio Mall, at the same floor with Trans Studio. Just like the name "Plate for me" plates are everywhere.. Cute at all!

Steak, Gallete, and Pasta we'd order! Yummy!

What I wore that day :

Now let's begin the Trans Experience!

Trans Studio is an indoor theme park in Bandung and it has 20 rides and variety of shows. We didn't try all of the rides and shows due to we came a bit late in the afternoon. Traffic from Jakarta to Bandung is sucks at weekend.sigh. We only tried few of them, but the best I guess. hehe

First is the Vertigo rides (3times), the Giant Swing (5times), the Jack Pot, Special Effect, Dunia Lain, Si Bolang, Rock Climbing, the Trans Car, and the best Yamaha Coaster (twice). lol

 in front of the Trans Studio Gate. That Eiffel tower replicant!

 The Trans Car Arena

 The Giant Swing we ride for 5times! hell sick!

For Dinner we had pizza and cream soup. Cold weather at night was good for Latte at Citroengras Cafe.

 Bandung was sooo cold that night, but Bf really loves cold for drink. He just sick!
Hawaiian Pizza. Love the taste. Love the Price. 
Blueberry Cheesecake as a dessert. 

I will continue my Day 2 in Bandung at next post.see ya!hehe
Happy Holliday! ^___^


  1. nice pictures!
    would you mind to follow each other? :)

    greetings from Hong Kong :)

  2. great place dear, the food looks good too :D



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