Monday, January 9, 2012

Sweater makes sweeter

Rain falls almost everyday.. 
At Braga City Walk, Bandung
Sweater makes sweeter
Wearing New York & Co. Brown Sweater, red balloon skirt, bag from Bali, H&M shoes
 Today I'm wearing New York&Co. Brown stripes Sweater, Red Balloon Skirt,
studded Bag I bought in Bali, and H&M Shoes
Frosty Cone from Wendy's :)
He loves it a lot!! hahaha.. so do I... ^___^ 
Frosty Cone from Wendy's
love the cone so much! so yummy! :)
 little bag from Erlangga shop in Bali. It priced only 27.500 IDR
 Got one new knitted Sweater from TanCha knit only for 90.000 IDR (in Braga City Walk, Bandung)
Food of the day : Nasi Tim Restorja

Happy Monday fellas!,


  1. Love the color of your sweater :) you look lovelyy<3

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