Friday, January 21, 2011

This Week

News : I already home again. After done my Kolloquium Exam.. hurray!! It is a bit relaxing with stay at home and waiting for the Holli(Bali)day next month.. :D

And what I've done this week, anyway?
Last night at Ngopi Doeloe - meeting with LoRD about the Event..

The day before - at Timezone BIP with Boyf and Priya (2000 free games!)

The Night - at Bakso kepala sapi..

Lunch with Boyf - at Bosa Cullinary Cafe, Jatinangor
p.s : Nice Asparagus Chicken Soup

During waiting our order - made Photo Avatar from our face picture!
hahahaha.. kind of fun!

And the next day before - done nothing -.-

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