Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas in Italy

The Arena, Mini Colloseum, Verona.

It´s Christmas Tree
Buon Natale..!!

Home Town of Juliet, the legendary Love Story of Romeo&Juliet.
People believe when we´re wrote something or wishes about our love life and hanging on around of Juliet´s House, it will be come true..we can reach an eternal love!! waw..I was amaze of this Mythos. So I´ve done what people believed in..! hahaha

I wrote my Name and my Boyf´s name. :D

Me and Juliet (look like a best friend,isn´t it??)

Verona view from some high place.

The Trip wouldn´t complete without ate special Italian Pizza. Yummy.
Om Jo,wake up! The Pizza is ready! haha
Travelling is the ruin of all happiness!
There´s no looking at a sunset after seeing Italy.
- Fanny Burney
(23,24 Dec 2009)

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